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Short Bio

Known as well as Tony Tomas, he was born on the 23th of May 1969, in Transylvania, Romania. From an early age, he showed great musical talent, learning to play guitar and mandolin. In high school he formed several pop-rock bands with friends, he was a folk music star in his hometown and knew early on that this was the career he wanted.


In 1989 becomes singer of Europolis a popular hard-rock band at that time. The group moved from Reghin to Tirgu-Mures, feeling that their sound might be better appreciated in the big city. Over the next two years, Tony became a party machine. They played each weekend from 11pm to 8am, 9 hours of party. Beside those gigs, the band had big concerts at least once a month around the country. On February 1, 1990, Europolis hit Number 1 on the charts with Everything you`ve been dreamin`off song written by the group`s bassplayer Michael Keintzel. 


After a difficult period of time Europolis broke up and in April 1991 Tony met Alex Man the creator of Poliphone and one of the best guitar players in the country. They played together for two years on different occasions: in pubs, restaurants, on private parties and in concerts. Since 1991 Tony played 99in Pubs, Restaurants and on Cruiseboats. 4GIVEN is the last group, formed by young talented musicians, in which he was a lead-singer. This only lasted for a few months, basically through the summer of 1995. After this experience, he left to Norway. 

He moved there in 1999. Today he`s a music&lyrics writer, working on his second album with his own songs. On this project he is working together with musicians from Cluj Romania and Nashville TN USA. 


He is also a great performer, a well-known entertainer and has a lot of experience in this business. Thats the reason why he is wanted back everywhere he plays. 


In the concerts he only plays the guitar and sings but on weekend gigs Tony does both guitar and keyboards, and plays all kinds of music: pop, rock, disco, techno, dance, latin, reggae, folk but hes especially appreciated for the way he performs country. His voice is often confused with Garth Brookss. People are astonished by the way that he performs norwegian party songs, which can be hard to sing even for a native. Being married in Norway, he talks norwegian almost like an arab from Haugesund. This is a west-coast expression for somebody who can be easily confused with a local. 

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